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Chill Out!

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

One thing you'll notice when you walk into the tasting room is that we love a pretty wide range of music. If Kirstin's working, you'll surely here either a little bit of country or some Heart (80's classics). If Dana is working, the music will be set to the Amy Winehouse station, and if Ken's working...well, that's a whole different story, he likes to chill out with some random "Chill" station. One thing we can all agree on is Live music, especially with the mix of incredible talent we have locally. Of course, we all love our good friend, and regular, JT Hillier, but every now and then we like to mix it up. This week we welcome back Robert Mason to the tasting room. Most likely you won't hear anything like him around Powell. He's an amazing local Jazz Pianist that'll blow you away with his cool vibe. I mean, just look at this guy, he oozes cool! This Friday try something a little different, chill out on a hot summer night and listen to some soothing Jazz covers of popular classics. He'll be starting at 7pm, see ya then, Cheers!

Robert Mason, Live this Friday from 7-9pm

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