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Flight Night

Ever been to a fancy restaurant, looked at the wine list and thought, "I have no clue what I want". Then you look next to you and someone is doing that fancy "swirl" thing with their wine, and two thoughts go through your head, 1. 'I don't like that person', or 2. 'I really don't have a clue'. Well, that's why we're here, we're not pretentious, we don't judge and we wanna help you "EXPERIENCE" wine, not just drink it. That "Swirl" thing is actually part of what's called the "5 S's". Sight, sniff, swirl, sip and savor! This technique really does help you taste and smell everything the wine has to offer. But, the best way to experience the 5 S's is with a wine flight. A wine flight gives you a variety of different wines and lets your really compare the different tastes and smells associated with the wine. It's also a lot of fun to experience the different wines with friends without having to commit to a bottle that you might not necessarily love. More often than not, a surprise favorite emerges from the flight, and people end up walking out with a bottle of wine they never thought they'd buy. Thursday nights are flight nights in our tasting room, 4 half glasses of any of our wines, PLUS a delicious flatbread for just $20. Stop by any time and try a wine flight, and ask about the 5 S's. See ya soon, Cheers!

Wine Flight, 4 Half Glasses of our Locally Made, Handcrafted Wines

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