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Hangin' on to Summer

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

After returning home from our annual Summer Vacation to the Gulf Coast of Florida this week, it's beginning to feel like summer is coming to a close. The kids head back to school in just a few weeks and football season is right around the corner. All good things to look forward to, but...SUMMER! Please don't go!

Seaside, Florida. 2018

Luckily, we still have August and September, so we're not giving up on summer yet. And because we're still hanging on to summer, we thought we'd throw out a few summer tips.

First tip...Drink more Red Wine.

We all wanna look and feel great during the summer months, and red wine is medically proven to be good for your health. (in moderation). Some even say a glass of red wine is equivalent to 1 hour at the gym. Yes, really! Red wine contains a molecule called Resveratrol, which inhibits the growth of fat cells, has been known to help prevent Alzheimer's Disease, and reduces the risk of having a stroke, and that's just a few of the numerous benefits. Also, red wine has a super high fiber content which helps to control cholesterol. Who doesn't want lower cholesterol? So, stop by the tasting room and try a glass of our delicious, HEALTHY red wine. Our best selling red is our Cabernet Sauvignon, or, as we call it... "Call Me a Cab". We also have an amazing Cab/Syrah Blend, Red Zin, Merlot, Bordeaux Blend and Pinot Noir. For a complete list of our wines, click here...

Okay, Second tip...Enter to Win Free Stuff.

Summer necessities include a t-shirt, wine opener, wine glass and sunscreen... well, even better than sunscreen is a wine flask that looks like a tube of sunscreen. I mean, how cool is that? Fill it up with your favorite PVW wine and you are POOL ready! Enter to win this awesome collection of summer swag here...

Third tip...Don't miss cool events.

Especially when it includes Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Girl!

The Powell Cheesecake Trail will be held Saturday, August 4th from 3-6pm.

Tickets are just $15 and can be purchased here...

Each ticket gets you 6 mini cheesecakes + deals & promos from participating stores, such as: Powell Village Winery - Special $5 glasses of wine to pair with the mini cheesecake we are providing!

Smidge & Pinch - Free Cookie cutter with purchase

Ill Mannered Brewery - There will be a beautiful craft beer to pair with your mini cheesecake!

Annie's Wine Cottage - $5 glasses of select wines from 3-6!

Oxford Automotive - Free rental with servis + $40 coupon!

Cute as a Button - Free gift with Ticket!

The Daily Growler - Try to hit these guys last - there will be a food truck starting to serve at 5pm!

-Ticket sales cut off August 2nd

-Pick up your Cheesecake Passport for the trail at Smidge and Pinch - make it the first stop of the night:)

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