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It's Officially Summer Break!

As we start another week of uncertainty, we wanted to begin by saying, THANK YOU, again, for supporting us during this time. And especially, Thank You, for understanding our stance on remaining closed until further notice. With the nice weather this weekend, we noticed lots of open patios and felt tempted to follow suit, but as we continue to monitor the news and numbers of cases, we still feel that there's no reason to hurry into something that could potentially put our customers and/or staff at risk. For now, we'll continue with online sales and FREE delivery daily, and Carry-out service on Wednesday's 4-7 and Saturdays 1-4.

This past Saturday we opened from noon-4 and had Sangria Wine Slushees to go...and you did NOT disappoint. These things are a huge hit, we sold about 180 slushees in 4 hours. So we plan to continue with the slushees, as long as we have nice weather. This allows us to keep everyone outside, with proper social distancing.

This coming week we have a few things we're super excited about. First, now that it's "officially" summer break, we're releasing our Summer Sun Sangria! If you haven't tried our Sangria, well, Memorial Day Weekend is a good time to start! Long weekends, Cookouts and Sangria are the perfect pairing. And if your feeling really adventurous, you might want to pick up a bottle or two of Kiwi Pineapple wine as well, these two go together like peas and carrots. (Reference to previous blog about Forrest Gump).

And finally, and this is the biggest news of all... I'm getting my hair cut this week! As a girl with naturally curly hair, it's gotten completely out of control! So, if you're wondering why you haven't seen me giving video updates, well, it's because you wouldn't have recognized me - it was seriously a bouffant! Back to short hair Dana as of tomorrow. Yippee!!!

Thanks again for your support! Check back for another exciting update we're hoping to share before the weekend!

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