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Private Events...Pandemic Style

It looks like this stupid Pandemic isn't going away any time soon, and like everyone else, we're having to adjust how we do business. Fortunately, people still love to drink wine, especially during challenging times. But, we all still need human interaction. It's what builds relationships, both socially and professionally...and keeps us sane. As summer slowly slips away from us and we look ahead to fall and the holiday season, we naturally start thinking of get togethers with friends, family and co-workers. And you're probably wondering, "will there be any of that this year?" Well, we say "YES!" Our tasting room is a great place to have small, intimate private events. We've created a safe environment to hold small, private events for you and your guests. The whole place is yours. If you know us, we're freaks about safety, especially now. We wear our masks everywhere and our hands are nearly raw from constant washing. Safety for you, us, and our staff is our main concern. We've developed a safe way to hold small events, which includes social distancing, staying seated, wine tastings, having fun, wearing something other than pajamas, (or, wear your pjs, at this point, no-one cares) venturing out into the world, reconnecting with co-workers, friends, family.. in person... (we are over ZOOM calls). If interested in planning a private event, please contact for more details and available dates. Cheers!

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