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They're Back! Wine Slushees are here. And these aren’t just your average wine slushees. We like to call them “Sophisticated Slushees”.

What makes OUR slushees so special? It’s the real fruit & spices, and the all-natural cane sugar in our slushee mix. When you start with the best real-food ingredients, naturally you’ll end up with, what we believe are, the best wine slushees around.

Last year, one of our best selling wine slushees was the Margarita (oh, we’ll have it again this year too, don’t worry,) but we thought we’d mix it up a little and introduce our new Paloma Wine Slushee. It’s a fruity twist on the margarita. It's sweet, it's sour, it'll make you pucker and this grapefruit slushee will definitely have you coming back for more. Stop in this week and try one.

And one of the reasons we’ve chosen this particular slushee mix is because with every slushee sold, a portion of the proceeds go to charities that help families struggling with hunger. Now that’s something to drink to, Cheers!

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