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Spread Kindness

The War in Ukraine has really been weighing on us. As the citizens of Ukraine are fighting for their freedom, and their lives, it just seems insensitive to promote deals on wine, or new wines, or reasons you should stop by our tasting room. But what can our little winery in Powell, OH do to help the people of Ukraine?

Like with the Pandemic, one thing that we really noticed, was how people rally together in times of need to help others. Our community helped our winery survive during the pandemic, and the people of the world are rallying together to stand up against the war in support of Ukraine.

So we took a step back and thought, "we can at least promote kindness". So last weekend we launched our "Share Kindness" campaign. If you buy a glass of wine for a complete stranger in the tasting room, it'll only be $5. And just for being nice, your next glass of wine will only be $5 too. And what we noticed, was when someone bought a glass for a stranger, the stranger usually bought one for them too! See, shared kindness. We love it, and apparently you guys did too. We were selling glasses to strangers like crazy all weekend long. It was so successful that we are extending the promotion through this week too, cuz hey, we can always use a little more kindness.... and wine!

So stop by the tasting room this week (thru Saturday) and Share some kindness with a complete stranger. It'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, we promise!


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