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Why Wine on Tap?

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

One thing that sets us apart from other places is that our wines are on Tap. Why you ask? Well, there are lots of reasons. Other than the fact that it looks really cool, it's also better for the environment. Prior to putting in the tap system we were selling around 20,000 bottles of our wine each year, with about 10,000 being sold and consumed in the tasting room. This means we were throwing away 10,000 bottles a year, not to mention the labels, corks, foils etc. to package each bottle. What a waste! Also, pouring from a tap eliminates wasted wine that's often left or thrown out from a bottle that isn't fully used. That savings in our cost has allowed us to keep our bottle prices steady for years, and has been much better for our planet.

Another great benefit of our tap system is that it makes it easier and quicker to pour our most popular item, Wine Flights. We no longer have to take the time to find and uncork 4 different bottles of wine every time you order a flight. We just pour from the tap system and our friendly staff brings 4 half glasses of our locally made, hand crafted wines directly to you. This gives us more time to chat and make connections with our customers.

So, does the wine stay as fresh, you ask? You betcha it does. In fact, it stays fresher (is that a word). Kegged wine actually makes it easier for the wine to stay fresh because the wine never touch air until it's about to be served to a customer, and a keg is less susceptible to variations in temperature. Wine on tap also eliminates bottles left sitting around already open, or being stored incorrectly.

All that being said, we still have all of our wines available in bottles for you to purchase from the tasting room and take with you! So, stop in and visit us soon, pick up a bottle of wine, or try our delicious wines served right from the tap. See ya soon, Cheers!

Wine on Tap, give it a try!

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