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Last summer our wine cocktails were a HUGE hit, and this summer we're making them available in single serving sizes. I mean, look how cute these things are...

Choose from 3 different cocktails (more coming later). Our TUTTI FRUTTI is our Strawberry Wine with a shot of Citron Vodka. BEACH BUM is our Kiwi Pineapple Wine with a shot of Coconut rum, (this one tastes like a Pina Colada) and our FRUIT SALAD (Yummy Yummy) wine cocktail is our 3-Berry Wine with a shot of Strawberry Vodka. They come in these super cute, 8 oz, single serving bottles, chilled, ready to pour over ice and sip on the patio...ahhhh aint summer great?!!!! (Currently available in tasting room only)

Also this week try our new Wine & Popcorn Flight pairings. These might be the best one's yet..

Hot Wing & Ranch Popcorn paired with our White Blend Wine

Campfire Crunch Popcorn paired with our Summer Sun Sangria

Classic Butter Popcorn paired with our Merlot

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