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Wine of the Week

Although I tend to favor our red wines, especially our Red Zin, the heat of the summer makes me occasionally go for something chilled. In year's past, our Summer Sun Sangria has always been the number one choice for summer, but this year it has some pretty stiff competition. As expected, our wine slushees are a big hit, but the surprise contender is our Gewürztraminer! Or, as our witty staff likes to call it... "Girls are Meaner". Just this past week we sold more Gewurtz than our best selling Cab! It might have something to do with the heat, or maybe because it really is awesome! Since everyone else was drinking it, I thought I'd give it a try, again, and boy was I glad I did. Sorry Zin, but as long as this heat sticks around, I have a new summer go-to.

My Place or Yours, Gewürztraminer, our Wine of the Week!

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